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Welcome to Pipebird

Pipebird is open source infrastructure for deploying customer-facing data pipelines. Pipebird requires minimal engineering effort to begin offering customers secure data pushes to their warehouses, directly from your product.

With Pipebird you can:

  • select sources to push data from (such as PostgreSQL).
  • let customers configure pipelines and apply transformations (such as type casting).
  • periodically sync data directly to customers’ warehouses (such as Snowflake).

Pipebird is for companies that want to share data directly, securely, and cost efficiently.

  • Minimize security and compliance risks created by involving third-party ETL providers. Pipebird enables direct data sharing from your source to a customer’s data warehouse. Your data never hits our servers.
  • Eliminate pipeline complexity for customers and partners. Customers can trust verified pipelines offered directly from your product. It takes minutes to activate customer-defined pipelines using a declarative configuration language.
  • Internalize revenue previously captured by third-party ETL providers. Rather than contracting a third-party, customers pay you for higher-quality data, ease of use, and security enhancements.
Welcome to PipeBird

Get started for free

Deploy on your own infrastructure and keep control of your data.

Click here to view our deployment guide.

Pipebird is designed to be self-hosted. Our platform can be launched within your virtual cloud with the press of a button - your business data never hits our servers. Furthermore, we perform networking and compute cost optimizations to minimize your cloud provider bill.

Join the Pipebird Slack Community or email sales@pipebird.com if you’d like help with your deployment.

Product features


Data originates from one of your company’s sources, which can be any of:

  • Postgres
  • Redshift
  • CockroachDB
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • etc.


Your customers can define their own destinations, which your team can configure through our Destinations API.

  • Snowflake
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon Redshift
  • BigQuery [in progress]
  • Databricks [in progress]
  • CSV Export

Data transformers

Customers can choose to define some set of transformations to be applied on data by uploading Configurations which define mutations on the source data. For example, a consumer may want the Date column updated_at to be casted into a DateTime object in the destination.

We currently support renaming columns between sources and destinations and will be expanding destinations and working on transformations like:

  • casting data types
  • sums
  • averages
  • sorts
  • groupby
  • etc.

Our goal for Pipebird

We believe that creating a data pipeline should be made as simple as pressing a button from a vendor’s dashboard.

Native, customer-facing data pipelines offer a more secure and efficient way for organizations to share data with one another. Companies like Stripe and Customer.io have already invested in building out native data sharing features for their customers. Pipebird is designed to help developers at any company quickly offer the same powerful data sharing features, increasing security and decreasing complexity for their customers.

We’d love to work with you to grow Pipebird. Feel free to message us in the Pipebird Slack Community.

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Open source vs. paid versions

The Pipebird repo is entirely MIT licensed, with the exception of the ee directory (if applicable).

Premium features (contained in the ee directory) require a Pipebird license. Contact us at sales@pipebird.com for more information, or see our pricing page.

Pipebird is entirely free for developers. We’ll make money by charging larger companies that have more specific needs for additional features around security and scale.

Want to book a meeting with someone on our team? Choose a time here!

Is there a Pipebird community?

Yes! Pipebird is open source so that anyone can benefit from or contribute to our mission. Join us in our Slack Community.