1. Getting Started
  2. Contributing to Pipebird

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Pipebird! You can begin supporting the community by ๐ŸŒŸ starring our official repo here and joining the Pipebird Slack.

If youโ€™d like to chat with a team member before contributing, feel free to use the #contributions or #community-support channel on Slack. You can also reach us at sales@pipebird.com

Getting started

Issues are used to create feature requests or bug reports. You can create an issue here. We ask that you check to see if an existing issue covers what you had in mind. If there isnโ€™t anything similar, then please fire it off!

Feature requests

Potential areas for feature requests are new

  • sources
  • destinations
  • transformations

We encourage you to add reactions to existing issues so we can assess their priority.

๐Ÿ‘€ = extremely urgent.
๐Ÿ‘ = would be nice to get this done.

Feature requests can be created here.

Bug reports

โ€ŒBug reports are essential to the improvement of Pipebird. When creating a bug report, please provide anything that may be helpful such as screenshots, recordings, and a detailed account of the issue.

Bug reports can be created here.

Reporting security issues

If youโ€™ve identified a security issue, please email us directly at sales@pipebird.com

Pull requests

Please make sure that all PRs are related to an existing issue. If there is not yet a related issue, you can create one here.

Once a PR is submitted, it will be reviewed by a Pipebird team member. During a review we ask:

  • Does the PR solve the related issue?
  • Is there a more robust way to solve this?
  • Has this been tested?
  • Are there any security risks being created?

One a PR is reviewed and accepted, it will be merged.

Weโ€™re excited to build with you ๐Ÿ› ๐Ÿ› ๐Ÿ›